Dean Hanson, a quietly brilliant art director.

Bob Barrie, art director. A man with more talent in his left pinky than most of us have in our entire bodies.
Pat Burnham, telling a story about heading to a client meeting with a portfolio of work he deemed substandard.
Pat Burnham
Dean Hanson, at the first Fallon McElligott Rice creative retreat.
Not a recognizable likeness, unless you know that Bruce always kicks off his shoes.

Bob Blewett, master typographer and agency intellectual.

Dan Wieden of Wieden and Kennedy, guest speaker at our first retreat.
Houman Pirdavari
Phil Hanft. The obtusely-angled mustache says it all.
Rod Kilpatrick, in the era of big-shouldered shirts.
Tom McElligott, a brilliant man who influenced the entire advertising industry despite thinking my name was Rob. Learn more about him and his work here.
Pat Fallon, R.I.P.
Arty Tan and Mike Gibbs, at one of our first retreats to Stout's Lodge, Wisconsin.
Mr. Gloom
Bob Brihn. I guess we went from big shirts to big pants.
Gary Goldsmith, guest speaker at a Stout's Lodge retreat.
Marjorie Nugent, art buyer
Bill Miller
Doug DeGrood, Bruce Bildsten, Dean Hanson. Lousy likenesses, but an interesting Picasso knock-off
Carol Henderson. It's about time we had a girl around here.
Harvey Marco, art director
Jeff Johnson, designer
One of my favorite drawings because it captures Jeff in very few lines
Julie Ruddy organized the retreats and made sure everyone had a place to sleep. In exchange, she got a really big sweatshirt.
Greg Hahn, creative director
Steve Stone, guest speaker
John Liegey, art director, currently a brewmaster at Greenpoint Harbor Brewing Company.
Dean Hanson, art director. Not a good likeness but one of my favorite sketches.
Dean Hanson, again. He inspired this posting, so he gets a lot of pictures, none of which really look like him.

Luke Sullivan, copywriter at the time of this drawing, now Chair of the advertising department as SCAD.
Not a good likeness, but I like the drawing.

Dean Buckhorn
Bruce Bildsten. One of my favorite drawings, because it actually looks like Bruce. And also because I love Bruce.
Tina. Sorry, can't remember her last name. Anyone?
Susan Griak. A lousy drawing because I was trying too hard.
Mike Lescarbeau. A terrible likeness of a brilliant writer.
Neil Powell, designer. Check out his latest work.
Bob Brihn

Mark Johnson, art director
The joke here is that Mark was ALWAYS relaxed; one of the mellowest dudes on the planet

Mark Johnson
Catherine McItyre-Velky

Michaelanne Gilles, who was always either laughing or running.

Doug DeGrood, copywriter.
Doug DeGrood
Jarl Olsen. This was in a client meeting. Jarl was very patient, or strangled by his tie.
One of the shocking things about looking back at these is that many people are smoking, which is now unheard of in an office.
Jarl Olsen
Mike Gibbs. I walked into his office one day to find him dealing with a stolen checkbook problem, which apparently seemed doodle-worthy.
Maybe the hairstylist stole his checkbook.
Phil Hanft, a man of few words, but just the right ones.
Sally Hogshead, before she was famous.
Steve Sjoblad
Steve Sage
Bob VanHorn
I like to draw people with cigarettes; they're just a good prop.

Sean Robertson, art director

The irrepressible Kim Witczak and her irrepressible hair

Me, by Bob Barrie.
Drawn on the back of a menu from Peter's Grill, a fixture in downtown  Minneapolis.

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